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Transitional Housing

Our transitional housing is a safe place for individuals to reside and take the necessary steps toward rebuilding their lives. 

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CDL Training

We offer CDL preparation training with our community partners.

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Case Management and Community Resource Referrals

Case management is provided to assist an individual in connecting with necessary resources to return to the community while minimizing reintegration barriers (reentry)


Computer Center

Each of our housing units has computer centers for individuals to search for employment and complete other online obligations.


Employment Referrals  and Employment Readiness

We provide referrals to many different industries. Our referrals are based on the needs of the individual and availability of employment opportunities through community partners.

We also assist with resume/cover letter development and interview preparation. We offer referrals to organizations that provide interview clothing if needed


Expungement and sealing services

We offer information regarding expungement and record sealing. We also connect individuals who qualify for legal assistance to complete the expungement/sealing process.

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We offer one-time transportation for an employment interview. We also provide referrals to community partners that offer long-term transportation assistance.

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Peer-to-peer support

Peer to peer services works to assist individuals in removing barriers and obstacles to returning home by serving as a personal guide. This is an ongoing mentoring relationship that helps individuals who are retuning home, in recovery, and looking to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations to rebuild and renew with support from another individual that has done the same.

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