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Lets Make a Difference Together 

A Second Step to a 

Brighter Future

Recovery Support for Justice Involved Individuals (RSJII) (5).png

(One Step at a Time)


Our Mission

To provide recently released individuals a clear pathway to a brighter future through transitional housing opportunities and individualized case management. We provide safe shelter and a holistic approach to reintegration into the
community through peer-supportive case management and community resources.

Our Vision

To give individuals that have been challenged by issues around incarceration the guidance, support, and opportunities to put their past behind them and focus on a future that excludes incarceration.

Recovery Support for Justice Involved Individuals (RSJII) (2).png

Our Goal
To assist an individual with the process of recreating themselves through holistic life changing opportunities while working to create safer communities, families, and individuals.

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